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Individual Student Support
for Children of the Golden Triangle
in Northern Thailand

Our club joins other clubs in the US and Australia in support of the efforts of David and Asa Stephenson in rescuing Akha tribal children from the dangers of sex slavery.

To learn more about their efforts and why it is so important, CLICK HERE.

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“The children’s countenance starts to change in a couple of weeks, unless they have seen a lot of killing and people captured. When they realize …others around the world love them, the feelings of rejection and hopelessness make way for self esteem, confidence. a positive attitude towards life and a bright hope for the future.”

This Rotary club has a long tradition of giving back to the community, whether it be local or International. Due to the generosity of our chapter’s members and outside donors such as yourself, we’ve given help to persons who would never have been able to receive help before. We’ve helped countless less fortunate individuals get needed equipment such as wheelchairs and in some cases, vans to transport them.

To donate to the Central East Portland Rotary club foundation where from there we help fund this program, CLICK HERE

 It’s YOUR generosity which allows our chapter to help more persons who need it the most.


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