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Serendipity Alternative School

Serendipity Center, Inc. is a nonprofit private K-12 alternative school providing general and special education services through a registered and accredited school program, In addition, Serendipity is a certified out patient mental health provider for children and adolescents.  Annually, Serendipity serves 200 to 250 students who need to develop the skills and confidence to become success learners and members of their community.

Our club assist in the following:

Staff Appreciation Breakfast

Everyone needs to be appreciated. Central East Rotary Club has sponsored Appreciation Breakfasts for the staff of Serendipity Center. Each staff person is recognized for the accomplishments at Serendipity Center. Each staff person has special talents that reflect the ability to help and support students with intense challenges who cannot attend a traditional school. The success stories of students at Serendipity Center are numerous and heart-warming. Our Central East Rotary Club appreciates all the hard work and dedication of the staff at Serendipity Center, as they collectively search for ways to make our community a better place for all of us.

Holiday Food Bags

It is hard to think of families in our community who experience hunger during the Holidays. For many of the students, school meals are a major source of nutrition. Each year, our Central East Portland Rotary members search the area for food donations that go to needy families during the Holiday Season, when school is not in session. The small donation of food baskets helps with a few meals to help bring a little cheer to families during the holiday season.

Building Maintenance  - Whenever it needs it, our club donates their time and skills to paint the Serendipity Center and perform any general maintenance work which needs repair,

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To donate to the Central East Portland Rotary chapter foundation MDA fund, CLICK HERE. You will be able to specify where you want your funds to go.

It’s YOUR generosity which allows our chapter to help those who need it the most.